Product no.: 81530M8F3.3

Airflow monitor with linear analogue output

Power supply 24V DC

Power consumption: 4VA

Signal output flow: 0...10V (Ra=10kOhm, 4...20mA (Ra=0.2kOhm)

Accuracy of signal output: +/-5% of measurement range 

Relay ouput voltage (200VDC/1A): NOC

Behavior at flow: Relay opens 

Transistor ouput: open collector/ not conducting at flow

Media temperature: -25...+80°C 

(optionally up to +350°C)

Temperature gradient: 30K/min

Switch-point: adjustable via potentiometer

Measurement range 1: 0.5-30m/s (optionally up to 150m/s)

Sensor: integrated

Immersion depth: 300mm

Process connection: PG7

Sensor material: MS58, nickel-plated

Pressure resistance: 10bar

Protection class sensor: IP65

Protection class cabinet: IP54

Cabinet dimension (LxWxH): 56mmx84mmx82mm


1 Other measurement ranges are possible, please send us a note with your order (Default: 0.1-10m/s).

² Other lengths possible (130/165/250/300mm).

The sensor design may vary.

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 38909112


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Product no.: Zubehör

Accessories for airflow sensors and RLSW-housing

Mounting flange, reducer, wall mounting set

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 38909112